V: Windows and Priest
Crete and the Actor's Orgasm

XXVII: Crete and Actor's Orgasm

30" x 40" - acrylic on paper



I must let go of things that I have found, let them return to the earth. Gone. Give up on certain beliefs and practices. I come to a grand theater. I am not the lead, but I am in the play. An actor’s dream. A young boy in the play goes downstage center and is proud to show off his masturbating. I find peace and satisfaction on the sidelines. I am orgasming inside my mouth, not from my penis. Know one knows.


I am moving to the island of Crete. I am with a group of people who have all come here to live together and make art. Everyone is involved in some sort of creative activity.

Copyright © 2013, Madeline McMurray & Richard Duning, All Rights Reserved.