V: Windows and Priest
Party and the Nucleau Blast

XXV: Party and the Nuclear Blast

30" x 40" - acrylic on paper



I have driven downtown, in an old car, there is a big party going on. I am talking to many of the people and am having a pretty good time. I realize that my partner isn’t with me anymore and I am concerned to find her before dinner. As I continue to visit with people and look for Nancy I am confronted by a big and rather mean woman. She is telling me how difficult I am. She overwhelms me, but then I find that I am with friends again. This negative encounter happens to me a number of times. I finally decide that I want to find the car and go home.


I see a nuclear blast. It is an enormous radiating light. Actually it is rather beautiful. All the trees are pulled out of the ground, and are now stuck upside down in the earth. I hear a news report that the Chinese are saying that this is a good thing in that now the trees can lay more eggs.

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