II: Anger and the Yellow Motorcycle
Magic Plant & Monk

XIX: Magic Plant and Monk

30" x 40" - acrylic on paper



I am in a shop of some sorts with my father. He is not interested in this store and goes outside while I continue to browse. There is a woman in the shop who shows me an interesting plant. She is very energetic. She begins to dance around the shop and I playfully chase her. At some point she breaks a twig off of the plant and begins to eat a few of its leaves. She gives me a leaf to eat. The impact of this plant is amazing. I am seeing the world differently. Everything is magical and beautiful. It is the exlixor.


I am an assistant to an old monk in a monastery. We are talking about the life of simplicity. The monk builds a small altar by placing three stones in a triangular on the ground. Then she places three sticks on top of the stones. She puts a large dead fish on this frame and leaves it outside to dry. . I think this is a symbolic way of leaving Christianity behind her.

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