V: Windows and Priest

XVI, XVII & XVIII: Thoth on the Roof -- Triptych

3 pieces @ 30" x 40" each - acrylic on paper



I want to check into this strange and convoluted hotel. There is a man at the desk, a long stairway, doors. I find myself on the roof; this leads to another building. My room is somewhere.

In the last panel I meet this wonderful woman. She is perched like the mermaid in Copenhagen. She is completely self-contained and filled with love and peace.


I am in large barn where I am to pick the sacred objects to build an altar to my god. I don’t know what to pick because I am not sure who my god is. I pick a primitive goddess form and a glass heart with gold shapes in it. I finally realize that I have the God Thoth who I don’t really know anything about. The second and third paintings were done as I learned more about this god that I had been given in the dream.

Copyright © 2013, Madeline McMurray & Richard Duning, All Rights Reserved.