V: Windows and Priest

XX & XXI: Monsters and the Sacred -- Diptych

2 each @ 30" x 40" - acrylic on paper



Over the week I felt followed by a variety of monster like creatures. I also had one of my art dreams where I was given a variety of interesting objects. I remember a cup and a very special wrench. We called it a “dream wrench”. I wanted so much to bring this wrench back from the dream into my waking life. Also, there was some strange fetish that one could wear around their neck.


There is some kind of a disaster coming. I am in a large apartment building. People are in a panic. I find people in some of the closets who have wrapped themselves in plastic as an act of suicide. I explain to the children that these people believed that there was nothing that they could do. I say that I believe that we can survive by protecting our water. This is the most important thing for now. NOTE: An image from a second dream in which I had to slit a man’s throat to get out of prison, along with a third image of my cat being wounded from a third dream.

Later I had a dream in which- I see two leopards walking on the hillside outside my window. There are two children playing not far from these large cats. I am afraid that the leopards might attack the children. I go outside and talk quietly with the children telling them to walk slowly into the garage where they will be safe.

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